Elsternwick Urban Renewal South Masterplan

When we adopted the Elsternwick Structure Plan, we also committed to traffic and shadowing analysis for the Elsternwick Urban Renewal South area and its surrounds before developing the Planning Scheme Amendment.

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Aims of the amendment

The Planning Scheme Amendment must satisfy the following 11 urban renewal design principles:

  • minimise overshadowing to existing residential sites
  • minimise overshadowing to public open space
  • minimise overlooking to existing residential sites
  • minimise traffic and parking impacts on existing residential streets
  • appropriate transition to existing residential areas
  • prioritise employment generation
  • provide significant community benefit
  • develop high quality, well-articulated buildings
  • create a high-quality public realm
  • incorporate environmentally sustainable design
  • respond to surrounding heritage and neighbourhood character areas.

We understand there are significant concerns about the impact of the proposed urban renewal area, and that you want to be involved in examining it in more detail. We're now master-planning the Urban Renewal South area of Elsternwick. For more information, see the Elsternwick Urban Renewal South Masterplan map (PNG, 855KB)

We're also considering planning controls, shadowing, and access and movement studies.

Community Reference Group

In August we chose a 12-member reference group with diversity in ages, gender, experience and skills. The aim of the group is to bring local knowledge and passion to inform the project as it reaches broader community consultation stages. Affected community members can still provide feedback at each of these critical stages.

The broader community consultations will occur at the:

  • place analysis stage (expected in March 2019)
  • draft Masterplan stage
  • exhibition of the proposed planning controls.

Members of the Community Reference Group are free to publicise their membership if they want to, but may sometimes be limited about what they can discuss with the wider community.

We haven't decided on the details that we'll discuss with the group, and as such may be confidential.

All group members have the right to privacy and any personal views shared within the Group cannot be shared or discussed with the wider community.

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