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Carnegie Warehouse Site (296-298 Neerim Road)

We purchased the warehouse at 296-298 Neerim Road, Carnegie in August 2017 and the property settled in early 2018. With frontage to Neerim Road and a border with the Council-owned Shepparson Avenue car park, we considered it to be a strategic purchase.

Key elements

The site supports the long-term goals set out in the Carnegie Structure Plan - particularly our vision for a ground-floor market and lower level offices on the Shepparson Avenue site.

We envisage that the ground-floor market will be a destination activity where people can linger while shopping, benefiting existing traders on Koornang Road. While feasibility studies for the market have started and we're developing preliminary designs, it will take a number of years to plan, design and construct. We also need to consider how we can use the site to provide maximum short-term community benefits.

There's also an opportunity for interim uses in this location to contribute towards this future vision.

For more information, see the meeting agenda and minutes for the 27 November 2018 Council meeting.

Current status

At the 27 November 2018 Ordinary Council meeting, it was resolved that we:

  • endorse option 2 to demolish the warehouse at 296-298 Neerim Road, Carnegie
  • authorise officers to start detailed design for interim use of the site in line with the objectives outlined in this report
  • authorise officers to explore management and curation opportunities for events at the site.

For more information about the Carnegie Warehouse Site, contact Council's City Futures Department on 9524 3333.

296-298 Neerim Road, Carnegie