Draft Public Transport Advocacy Plan

Council adopted an Integrated Transport Strategy in 2018 to guide transport planning in Glen Eira. The Strategy sets out key issues and high-level goals for achieving a more sustainable future for public transport.

Public transport largely falls under the responsibility of the State Government, but we can advocate on behalf of our community to achieve better public transport across our municipality, particularly for those areas that are less well served.

We have undertaken a public transport gap analysis to determine what public transport gaps exist in the municipality and where improvements can be made to the existing network.

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What was found?

  • There is an imbalance in public transport provision between the north and south of Glen Eira.
  • There is a need for improved bus services, both in terms of frequency and directness.
  • Research shows that high frequency transport results in higher ridership, and this is supported in Glen Eira with the areas currently served by frequent services being the areas with highest ridership.
  • Successful public transport needs to provide well connected networks that take people where they need to go and provide connections to other modes of transport.
    There are more possibilities to increase public transport capacity and efficiency than to increase road capacity.
  • Research shows people are willing to travel further by active transport (walking and cycling) to access public transport stops that provide well connected and frequent services.

The Advocacy Plan calls for

  • Improved frequency of services across the whole public transport network.
  • Improved bus network for the areas of Glen Eira reliant on buses.
  • Improved safety for users, including on-board services as well as at stops and surrounds.
  • Improved pedestrian access to and from public transport stops.
  • Improved disability access to public transport stops and on-board services.
  • Real time information displays at all train stations, and key bus and tram stops.

Consultation on the draft Public Transport Advocacy Plan closed on 14 October 2019. Feedback is now being collated.