Draft Parking Policy

Balancing the needs of car owners and drivers with striving to ensure our public spaces are people-friendly and benefit the wider community is tricky. We have developed a draft Parking Policy which responds to this challenge and sets out a new approach to managing parking in our City.

The new Parking Policy seeks a fair and reasonable approach to this, with key changes to permits, providing parking for those that need it most and the way we engage with you on parking.

A series of summary sheets has been developed to outline the key proposals of the draft Parking Policy.

  • Engaging with residents on parking
  • Parking in our busy centres
  • Parking on our busy roads (transport corridors)
  • Parking in our neighbourhoods
  • Parking permits
  • Parking for people with particular needs

Consultation on the draft Parking Policy closed on 4 November 2019. Feedback is now being collated