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Draft Cycling Action Plan

Council adopted an Integrated Transport Strategy in 2018 to guide transport planning in Glen Eira. The Strategy sets out key issues and high-level goals for achieving a more sustainable transport future. To align with these goals and the wider Strategy, we undertook a review of our existing cycling strategy — the Glen Eira Bicycle Strategy 2010.

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What was found?

The Glen Eira Bicycle Strategy 2010 sought to address the needs of cyclists by providing a range of defined, continuous and connected on-road routes. During the review of this Strategy and alignment to the Integrated Transport Strategy, a number of gaps and issues were identified in Glen Eira’s cycling network. These included:

  • limited opportunities and/or safe crossing points across major barriers, such as main large roads
  • limited existing physically separated cycling routes to cater for all types of riders
  • gaps in existing off-road/shared cycle paths
  • limited connections to neighbouring councils and cycle routes
  • improvements needed for connections to main public transport stations, as well as the associated end-of-trip facilities, such as bicycle parking
  • issues that affect the availability of the existing infrastructure, such as construction
  • the need for monitoring of cyclist numbers and patterns.

Key actions 

A draft Cycling Action Plan for Glen Eira has been created from this review. The draft Plan focuses on supporting cycling to become a safe and attractive form of transportation for people of all ages and abilities to move around the municipality. The Plan aims to ensure cycling is considered equally with other forms of transport, recognising the role the cycling network plays in linking other modes, such as public transport and walking. The draft Cycling Action Plan consists of 20 actions, summarised into three key areas:


  • Reviewing and developing a program for the implementation of the Integrated Transport Strategy allocated streets for safe cycling routes.
  • Bringing Glen Eira’s cycling infrastructure in line with other modes of transport in the City. This includes the treatments associated with the safe cycling routes, the secondary on-road cycling network, and other infrastructure (including end-of-trip provisions at community facilities and activity centres).
  • Advocating for improvements to surrounding cycle infrastructure such as crossings over major arterial roads, as well as improvements to bicycle parking and end-of-trip provisions at train stations.

Policy and enforcement

  • Updating Council procedures and policies related to transport, with a focus on making improvements to cycling infrastructure. This includes creating new Street Design Guidelines and investigating ways to get equitable funding through developer contributions for infrastructure.
  • The introduction of Transport Impact Assessments to replace Traffic Impact Assessments in development applications and improving cyclist’s priority during periods of construction.

Education and behaviour

  • Educating the community to the benefits of cycling and the improved cycling environment that will be created through the accompanying actions, such as safe cycling routes.
  • The creation of a monitoring network to collect data on cyclists’ patterns and behaviours to assist in implementing new cycling improvements, as well as understanding the effect they have.

Consultation on the draft Cycling Action Plan closed on 14 October 2019. Feedback is now being collated.