2022 A.M.E. Bale Travelling Scholarship and Art Prize

$50,000 Prize

This is awarded to an artist who has demonstrated talent and achievement in traditional styles, to travel overseas to study the works of old masters, or where applicable, study within Australia.


Applicants for the Major Award should submit a completed online application form (below) and upload the following word documents and jpeg images:

  • A proposal of no more than 1000 words for a one year program that includes:
    • Details of a proposed overseas tour of art galleries that contain works of old masters. This should include an itinerary of galleries, the purpose and intended benefits of the tour and proposed expenditure (high level summary only). Photos, drawings or images should not be included in the proposal.
    • In lieu of an overseas tour, and based on the needs or advantages of a particular artist, we may instead subsidise a period of time to pursue study of works of old masters and the practical aspects of painting in traditional styles in Australia. These applicants should provide details of the structure of their proposed study program and include details of proposed expenditure for appropriate courses, training, education, artists’ materials, travel, accommodation or mounting an exhibition of work.
  • A 100 word summary of the above proposal must be included.
  • A brief one page current resume illustrating talent and achievement in traditional styles and evidence of current study and practice of traditional art.
  • One of each of the following original works (4 works in total) for judging by the selection committee:
    • a painting of a still life
    • a painting of the human figure or a portrait, both to include hands
    • a painting of a landscape
    • a drawing from life of the nude human figure (charcoal, conte, pencil).

Works submitted should display good draughtsmanship, an ability to handle paint, and show potential to expand the range and skill of the artist’s work to further pursue a career in painting.

Download a copy of the guidelines and conditions of entry below.

2022 A.M.E. Bale Travelling Scholarship and Art Prize — guidelines and conditions of entry (PDF, 103KB)

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