Your vision for Glen Huntly

We Asked — You Said — We Did is our way of showing how your feedback contributes to our decisions. Check out how you helped us develop our policy for tree protection in Glen Eira.

We asked

In 2017, Council began a conversation with the community on the current and future shape of activity centres across Glen Eira. This consultation formed the start of a process to develop structure plans to guide future growth and change for these important areas. Glen Huntly is one of Glen Eira’s activity centres, and Council has begun the process of developing a Structure Plan for the area. This work ties into the Victorian Planning Authority’s process of developing a structure plan for the nearby Caulfield Station Precinct, as well as the Victorian Government’s plan to remove the two level crossings in Glen Eira, across Neerim and Glen Eira Roads.

In June 2019, the community were engaged to share their aspirations and vision for Glen Huntly. Council held a visioning evening with interested community members and traders invited to attend and share their thoughts. An online survey asked the community for how they experienced the Glen Huntly precinct area, what they use it for, what they value about the precinct today. A total of 244 people contributed to the engagement.

You said

Community members told Council that they value access to different types of transport in Glen Huntly, and convenience shopping locally. People said that they place significant value on local neighbourhood character, recreational areas and public spaces, as well as proximity to neighbourhood facilities. Concerns included lack of diversity in retail offerings, as well as the tired look and feel of the main shopping area. People were also concerned for traffic congestion, the rail line’s division of the shopping strip, parking and the area’s more transient community.

We did

Views shared by the community were captured in an engagement summary report. This report consolidated feedback to draw out a set of eight Key Directions for Glen Huntly. These include:

  1. A new public space for Glen Huntly
  2. A greater variety and quality of eating and shopping establishments
  3. A beautified and cared for main street
  4. A place that demonstrates environmental leadership
  5. Continuous, safe and improved cycling paths and pedestrian crossings
  6. A plan to guide future medium-density and mixed use development
  7. A place that supports, celebrates and brings together Glen Huntly’s diverse communities
  8. Management of traffic congestion issues in the period before level crossing removals

These eight Key Directions have been drawn on to set the framework for Stage 2 in the development of a Structure Plan for Glen Huntly.