A pilot safe cycling corridor for Glen Eira

We Asked — You Said — We Did is our way of showing how your feedback contributes to our decisions. Check out how you helped us develop our policy for tree protection in Glen Eira.

We asked

In 2018, Council endorsed an Integrated Transport Strategy for Glen Eira. The Strategy looks across current and future trends and sets out high level goals to guide Council’s actions around transport in the municipality. Safe Cycling Corridors are an initiative of the Integrated Transport Strategy and aim to provide a route for cyclists of all ability to travel safely, encouraging those interested and able to take up cycling as a transport option.

In September 2018, Council considered a pilot safe cycling corridor and endorsed exploration of Inkerman Road in Caulfield North/St Kilda East as an option for this project. Important contributors towards this decision were the location of the route and its connection to key east-west cycling paths and opportunities.

Between February and April 2019, the community were engaged to share their views and experiences of the road. An online survey asked about people’s engagement in cycling, and how often they cycled. It asked whether a person currently parked on the road, and experiences of parking, issues around finding a parking spot and feelings of safety along the road.

You said

Community members told Council that safety and access to parking were both concerns and a priority for local residents. About one third of engaged community members told Council that they currently cycled, many for commuting to work and local shops as well as recreation.

People told Council that they had both concerns for, as well as enthusiasm about, the project and many sought additional information from Council, including why Inkerman Road was selected, how many parking places could potentially be removed to provide for a protected cycling way, whether parking at afterhours times had been considered and whether Council had looked at alternative routes.

We did

The wide range of feedback shared by the community contributed towards Council calling for a report in March 2019 looking at alternative alignment options for the Caulfield North safe cycling corridor pilot. In April 2019, an interim report was considered on these options ahead of an Assessment Report presented to Council in September 2019 which set out the results of a detailed investigation.

The data collected as part of this process was informed by what the community told us in early 2019 on the importance of looking at impact on neighbourhood as well as safety for cyclists and the feasibility of construction. Over September and October 2019, Council collected feedback on the Assessment Report with the results currently being collated towards a decision on a route in December 2019.