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Transforming Glen Huntly together (1)

In 2017, we asked what you love about your shopping strip and your city. This consultation was conducted in all activity centres in Glen Eira and helped to inform the development of Glen Eira’s Activity Centre, Housing and Local Economy Strategy and Quality Design Guidelines.

We are now working with the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) to develop a Structure Plan for the Caulfield Station Precinct and Glen Huntly activity centres.

Several key activities attract workers, residents and visitors to the area including Monash University’s Caulfield campus, Caulfield Racecourse, Glen Eira College, retail opportunities within Derby Road and Glen Huntly Road, as well as parks and recreational areas (Booran Reserve, Glen Huntly Park, East Caulfield Recreation Reserve).

Structure Planning will help to connect both activity centres over time in a way that leverages combined opportunities and supports local business and innovation, education, recreation, transport interchange, place-making and housing opportunities.

In 2018, the Victorian Government committed to provide funding for Level Crossing Removals at Neerim Road and Glenhuntly Road in Glen Huntly. The projects have been scheduled to occur before 2025. Based on value capture associated with level crossing removal elsewhere, the potential value capture in this location makes it worthwhile for Council to undertake structure planning for Glen Huntly now and prepare for future changes with our community in advance.

2018: Caulfield Visioning

Community and stakeholder engagement was completed in May-June 2018 for the Caulfield Station Precinct. Your responses have been summarised in the Caulfield Station Precinct Engagement Summary: Vision and Key Directions report prepared by Village Well.

More information about Caulfield Station Precinct can be found on the VPA’s website

2019: Next Steps

This engagement process will build on past engagement and further understand the local community’s aspirations for Glen Huntly ─ what people value most about it and how it can become a better place for everyone in the future.

This is an exciting opportunity to shape positive outcomes for this developing and changing place. We need your ideas and insights to make a great place for everyone.

How can you participate?

We invited you to provide feedback on key ideas regarding the future of Glen Huntly.

Stage 2: Key Ideas Glen Huntly Structure Plan and Level Crossing Removal Projects

Following Stage 1 of consultation in June 2019, we developed eight Key Directions for Glen Huntly based on your feedback.

Glen Huntly Engagement Summary Key Directions Report

Consultation has now closed and your contribution will inform proposals for the level crossing removal sites and subsequent preparation of the draft Structure Plan in the coming months. There will be more opportunities for you to review and comment in subsequent stages of the process.