Smoke-free shopping strips in Glen Eira

Now more than ever, we need our public spaces to be healthy, to ensure people feel welcome and invited to shop, walk, browse and socialise safely. 

In July 2020, Council endorsed a Smoke-Free Outdoor Policy, with an action to create smoke-free zones in our Activity Centres. Council also endorsed the development of a local law to enable the enforcement of the smoke-free zones.

While key places in busy Activity Centres such as train platforms, bus stops and outdoor dining areas (where food is served) are already smoke-free under Victorian legislation, smoke-free zones will extend non-smoking requirements to public open spaces, such as footpaths and plazas. Zones won't include private homes or other areas where smoking is regulated by State legislation.

Smoke-free zones aim to protect the community from the known health impacts of second-hand smoke, raise community awareness of the health benefits of being smoke-free, improve public amenities, encourage a reduction in smoking and reduce tobacco-related litter.

On 12 October 2021, Council resolved to give notice of its intention to make the proposed Smoke-Free Zones Local Law (see the notice at the bottom of this page).

The proposed Smoke-Free Zones Local Law will allow Council to prescribe and declare areas within the municipality to be smoke-free. The proposed Local Law, when implemented, will then give power to authorised Council officers, if required, to issue warnings, impose fines or prosecute people found smoking in smoke-free zones and require them to extinguish the tobacco product and dispose of it appropriately.

Viewing the proposed Local Law

You can view, download and save the proposed Smoke-Free Zones Local Law and its Community Impact Statement at the bottom of this page.

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Written submissions are now closed. The next stage is for Council to receive and consider the written submissions at the Council meeting on 23 November 2021.

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