Planning for Play: Glen Eira's Playground Strategy

We are calling on Glen Eira residents, playground users, supervisors and all lovers of play to tell us how you play, why you play and what play means to you to help guide the development of our Playground strategy.

We want to know how you use or why you don’t use your local playgrounds. By being involved in this survey, you will assist in setting the future direction for play spaces in Glen Eira.

Play is an activity typically engaged in by young children. It is a way for children to express themselves and interact socially, while being physically active.

There are many benefits of play for both children, and the broader community. Play not only helps children develop important life skills and progress physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally, it also connects communities and enhances the livability of a neighbourhood.

Consultations closed Sunday 9 May 2021.