Draft Glen Eira Housing Strategy

Our housing, our future

How will we provide for the housing needs of an evolving community while continuing to support the sustainability, attractiveness and liveability of our city?

Our population is growing and changing. To meet the varied housing needs of our current and future residents, the City of Glen Eira will need more housing, and a greater variety of housing types.

To help forecast and manage these future housing needs, we have developed a draft Housing Strategy for the City of Glen Eira.

What is a housing strategy?

It is a document that uses population forecasts to identify who will live here in the future and what housing they will need. It examines the capacity of residential land to accommodate future housing and looks at the neighbourhood character to determine what level of change can be accommodated. Then it lays out a framework to identify locations for different types of housing growth and provide a basis on which to decide future planning zones.

How has it been prepared?

Council undertook research to lay the foundations of the strategy by reviewing current planning policies, assessing demographics, examining current land capacity, considering existing neighbourhood character based on geographic areas in Glen Eira, and engaging with the community about housing issues and opportunities.

Have your say on the draft strategy

Our second round of community engagement for our draft Housing Strategy has now closed.