Our plan for an environmentally sustainable Glen Eira (2021-25)

Tell us what you think Council should do, and how we can help you, to reduce our community’s environmental impact.

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Our community has told us they want Glen Eira to be recognised as a leader in environmental sustainability (Vision 2040 consultation).

Whether your motivation is to tackle climate change, make your suburb more liveable, or reduce your household or business costs – we want to know how we can help you.

With a swell of community support, Council has joined a growing number of municipalities in Victoria and Australia to declare a ‘climate emergency’ and set two ambitious targets:

  • Zero net corporate (Council) carbon emissions by 2025
  • Zero net community carbon emissions by 2030

But with 99.4% of Glen Eira’s annual emissions coming from the community (homes, schools, workplaces, industry etc) Council can’t do it alone.

Help us understand what will help you to reduce your emissions – so we can develop a strong and achievable four-year strategy and action plan that makes a real difference.

How to participate

Leave your ideas on the community ideas board

Complete the online survey

Join an online workshop:

If you’re aged between 13 and 25 years, join an online workshop for young people.

This stage of feedback closes Sunday 22 November.

Our current emissions

Each year, the Glen Eira community emits around 1.3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (2018):

  • Over three-quarters (78%) is from the use of electricity and gas (sourced from burning fossil fuels)
  • 18% from transport; and
  • 4% from waste (typically, over 40% of waste is made up of food).

Emissions from Council operations accounts for 0.6% or 8,400 tonnes. Through actions like upgrading streetlights, installing solar panels and increasing the efficiency of buildings, our emissions have reduced by 27% since mid-2014.

About the four-year plan

We are developing a four-year strategy towards achieving our emissions targets. It is the first of its kind for Council and is part of a three-step response.

Step 1 — Strategy (2021-25)

Includes a vision and high-level goals to set the direction on how Council responds to its targets

Step 2 — Action Plans

Two action plans will be developed for Council operations and the community. These plans will include detailed programs, projects and actions to meet the high-level goals and vision set out in the Strategy.

Step 3 — Implementation

Puts the programs, projects and actions into place.