Draft Community Safety Plan 2022–2025

Tell us what you think about the draft Community Safety Plan 2022–2025.

Between September and November 2021 we engaged with community members, local traders, Victoria Police, community service organisations, government agencies and internal staff to better understand public perceptions of safety.

Positive perceptions of safety are closely linked to community trust and social inclusion. When people feel safe in their community they experience greater levels of social connection and are willing and able to address local problems.

The feedback received from this first period of engagement helped to inform the development of the draft Community Safety Plan 2022–2025, which includes three key themes which the Plan will address over the next three years. 

Theme One: A strong, resilient, inclusive and connected community

Council and its partners promote connections within the community to reduce isolation, create support linkages and foster a sense of belonging and safety. Efforts are made to reach out to those most vulnerable or isolated.

Theme Two: Living safely and securely

Community safety is addressed by Council, the Victoria Police, organisations and residents working together. This theme will ensure we continue listening to these concerns and provide education, empowerment and support to our community in navigating safety issues.

Theme Three: Creating safe public spaces and transport

People’s perceptions of whether they are safe in an environment can be influenced by environmental and design factors such as lighting, the presence of rubbish, graffiti, damaged property, a lack of people and whether there are places they can sit. Council aims to design and maintain public spaces that feel safe and inviting. We also aim to ensure our streets are safe for pedestrians and cyclists, and that there are safe and convenient transport choices.

We are now keen to hear your feedback on the draft Plan.

How to get involved

Feedback on the draft Community Safety Plan 2022–2025 closes on Wednesday 20 April 2022.