Draft Community Engagement Strategy 2022–2026

Community engagement is about the Glen Eira community shaping Council directions, decisions and actions that affect, impact or interest them. We have developed a draft Community Engagement Strategy 2022–2026 which sets out our approach to community engagement, ensuring the decisions we make are well-informed and transparent.

The draft Strategy outlines who the Glen Eira community is and what we have heard so far about what they value and how they like to be engaged. It captures the community’s own vision for its engagement and incorporates that vision into six strategic themes which acknowledge that the key to successful community engagement is a productive and collaborative partnership between Council and the community.

The strategic themes are:

  1. Reach a diverse range of people by taking a more targeted approach.
  2. Connecting with young people and children.
  3. Provide convenient and easy engagement options.
  4. Community participation in deliberative engagement.
  5. Report back to the community.
  6. Evaluate and share lessons to improve practice.

Over the next four years, we aim to increase public participation in Council’s decision-making by addressing each of these strategic themes through well-planned and thorough engagement with the community and our stakeholders.

Contact a member of the Community Engagement Team on 9524 3333 or email cengagement@gleneira.vic.gov.au

The engagement period has closed.