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Have Your Say on Glen Eira's Draft Bluestone Laneway, Kerb and Channel Reconstruction Policy

We want to hear residents’ views about how important it is to preserve the bluestone in laneways and streets in non-heritage areas for the future.

Council own and manage bluestone in our road reserves, laneways and kerbs; they are an integral part of the heritage of Glen Eira.

Our current policy for managing bluestone renewal — the Street and Laneway Design and Construction Policy 2013provides some guidance for the renewal of bluestone.

In recent times, our community has expressed some concern with this renewal process. As a result, we have developed the draft Bluestone Laneway, Kerb and Channel Reconstruction Policy.

The draft Policy applies to the reconstruction of bluestone laneways and kerb and channels in road reserves and aims to better manage and preserve these assets in the future.

We invite you to provide feedback via the below form by 5pm Friday 19 April 2020.

For further information , please contact Council’s Infrastructure Asset team on 9524 3333.