Service performance indicators — Service Centre

The following performance indicators are being monitored under Theme 4 – Informed and Engaged. A well-governed council that is committed to transparency and engages residents in decision-making.

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Calls answered and counter enquiries

Q3 for the Service Centre saw a decrease in calls by over 100 calls a day compared to the same quarter last financial year. This is mainly due to more online services available to the community and staff that are now more experienced and can answer complex enquiries resulting in less repeat calls.

Similarly, counter enquiries have decreased but mainly because of planning services that are now available online.

Percentage first point of resolution

Service Centre staff can answer most customer enquiries at first point of contact. Calls are answered immediately, tracked through Council’s Customer Tracking System (Pathways), or directed to Council officers to return customers’ calls. First Call Resolution has always been consistently between 80-85%.

Average queue wait time

Service Centre performance has been much better this financial year compared to last year. Our average queue wait time has been around 25 seconds. The performance is a result of several factors such as more emphasis on data analysis, regular team meetings, one on one catch ups, call monitoring and auto call backs.