Best Value Report

Glen Eira Council's Best Value Report (DOCX, 133KB) outlines how we're meeting our service requirements under the Local Government (Best Value Principles) Act 1999.

Best value principles

The Act requires council services to work around six best value principles. These allow us to assess and improve the services we provide to you.

The best value principles are:

  1. best quality and value-for-money
  2. responsiveness to community needs
  3. accessibility of services to those who need them
  4. continuous improvement of services
  5. community consultation on all services and activities
  6. regular community reporting on Council achievements.

Service improvements

In 2018–19 we reviewed the Community Grants program and our tendering process with a view to improving customer service and providing more efficient, cost-effective processes.
Service reviews currently underway to be completed in 2019-20 are:

  • Parking and enforcement
  • Noise complaints
  • Infrastructure assets
  • Purchasing.

Transformation projects

We completed a portfolio of exciting transformation projects in 2018–19, which were independently assessed as sector-leading because of their genuine end-to-end approaches. They include our:

  • Website redevelopment
  • Channel Sstrategy
  • ICT transformation – integration architecture, change management, process automations and security uplift
  • Data ownership and management model
  • Portfolio management framework
  • Uplift of resource skills and capacity
  • Development of core capabilities.


We are proud to have received recognition in 2018–19 with following awards:

  • LGPro Federation Awards — Best Innovative Management Initiative for Imagination@work, Council’s platform to collect ideas from staff which led to new initiatives such as the planning activity map and digital visitor sign in.
  • Australian Business Excellence Awards — CX for customer journey mapping and change management, Employer of Choice and for our GETT portfolio of transformation work
  • Municipal Association of Victoria MAV Awards — Collaboration of the Year and Customer Experience Achievement of the Year for digitising our high priority transactions
  • MAV Awards — Customer Experience Achievement of the year for Footpath Trading Permits
  • Australasian Reporting Awards — Gold Award for the 2017–18 Annual Report from the and finalist in the Online Annual Report category.

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