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Partnerships and Alliances

We recognise that the likelihood of achieving our advocacy outcomes is optimized by working in collaboration with other organisations with similar aims, and we will seek to build alliances with them.

Local level advocacy

Council recognises that when addressing advocacy issues, it will optimise its likelihood of success by working in collaboration with our community and other local organisations with similar aims, and we will seek to build alliances with them.

Regional level advocacy

Council is an active member of the Inner South Metropolitan Mayor’s Forum (ISMMF), which represents the municipalities of Bayside, Boroondara, Glen Eira, Kingston, Port Phillip, Stonnington and Yarra. The ISMMF councils have looked beyond their own individual interests to develop shared regional priorities to effectively manage population growth and meet the needs of future communities.

The ISMMF has developed the following shared regional priorities:

  1. planning and development;
  2. transport, cycling and walking;
  3. open space and sporting facilities; and
  4. waste and sustainability.

For more information about the ISMMF visit:

State and Federal levels of advocacy

Council dedicates significant effort advocating to state and federal Members of Parliament and senior government officers regarding funding and policy needs for our communities.

The State Government is responsible for major policy settings that impact on the way our City will grow and change, including:

  • planning urban development and approval of local planning schemes;
  • funding for new community infrastructure, including major transport projects, such as level crossing removals, roads and public transport infrastructure, and services;
  • maintaining law and order through police, courts and programs to address family violence;
  • building new schools, upgrading schools and funding for children’s services; and
  • funding sporting, recreational and other community facilities.

Council also actively participates in advocacy efforts co-ordinated by the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV), which represents local governments’ voice on issues of state significance. For more information about the MAV’s advocacy priorities and campaigns visit:

The Federal Government has a range of roles that impact our City, including:

  • infrastructure funding — urban policy; programs; transport; and technology (NBN);
  • economic and jobs growth;
  • funding for health education; aged care; National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS); and children’s services.
  • migration strategies and policy;
  • climate change related policy and programs;
  • national standards and guidelines for infrastructure, housing, roads, energy, and street lighting.