Published on 18 March 2021

Update on Bentleigh and Carnegie Structure Plans

Update on Bentleigh and Carnegie Structure Plans (Amendment C184)

At an Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 16 March, Council resolved not to proceed further with Planning Scheme Amendment C184 and to undertake a reset of the process.

Amendment C184 proposed to translate land use zonings and development controls from the Bentleigh and Carnegie Structure Plans into the Glen Eira Planning Scheme.

It was recently exhibited to the community and submissions received by Council highlighted key challenges with the amendment. These challenges included its size (covering two large centres with both their residential and commercial areas) and inconsistent changes made at different stages to try to accommodate both community and Ministerial directions. They also include a need for more detailed supporting work on housing needs and future strategy.

Overall, these challenges indicate that the amendment would unlikely pass the scrutiny of a rigorous independent panel review.

In resolving not to proceed with Amendment C184, Council will cease the current administrative process and begin a reset to allow the key challenges raised to be addressed.

Glen Eira Mayor Cr Margaret Esakoff said that the decision had been difficult, but it does not mean that the work undertaken to date will be wasted.

“The new process will involve pursuing new separate Planning Scheme amendments for each of the commercial centres that address issues raised by the community during the exhibition stage,” she said.

“A new Housing Strategy developed with community input will help to inform these amendments.

“This gives us the best chance of successfully achieving planning controls for Bentleigh and Carnegie, delivering the certainty that our community want and expect.

“We know many people have been engaged in the process to date. We acknowledge and thank them for their input and look forward to continuing to work together.”

Council will advise submitters to Amendment C184 of its decision and outline future steps. For further information on Amendment C184 and Council’s decision, visit


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