Published on 17 November 2021

Traffic data collection for Inkerman Road Safe Cycling project

To help understand current traffic patterns and to predict future movements, traffic survey data will be collected in the project area for a period of four days.

Fixed traffic sensors will be installed during the week of Monday 22 November 2021 and remain in place for up to two weeks to allow time for removal once the survey period ends.

Around 40 traffic survey sensors will also be installed at intersections along Inkerman Road to help understand travel patterns within the area. In addition, 20 turning movement sensors will be installed at major intersections surrounding Inkerman Road. This includes sites located within the City of Port Phillip so we can understand traffic impacts on a broader level.

Using fixed traffic sensors is one of the most accurate ways to collect traffic information for review and analysis. Information captured using these sensor cameras will be protected in accordance with Council’s privacy obligations, ensuring all information is de-identified. The information collected by traffic consultants will be stored securely and encrypted to ensure there is no ability for original tracing.

It is important to note that in resolving to continue the design work and undertake data collection, Council has not made a decision to construct the project. The decision to construct or otherwise will be made by Council at the conclusion of the overall consultation and concept design phase.

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