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Published on 01 July 2019

Council adopts 2019–2020 Annual Budget

Council’s 2019–2020 Annual Budget was adopted at a Special Council Meeting on Tuesday 25 June.

Our focus for the next year is to continue to deliver on the projects and services that make our City a great place to live and respond to the challenges we are currently facing.

As part of the Budget, Council has allocated funding of $40 million ($597 per property) for projects covering all aspects of community life, including: strategic projects ($4.34 million); business transformation ($1.11 million); recreation and open space ($9.33 million); community facilities ($3.5 million); sustainability ($570,000); community safety ($1.26 million); and renewal projects ($19.95 million).

The average rates per assessment for 2019–2020 are estimated at $1,419, and residential garbage charges have been set at:

  • Large 240 litre waste charge — $441 (including an estimated $49 state levy) ($416 in 2018–19).
  • Small 120 litre waste charge — $220 (including an estimated $25 state levy) ($207 in 2018–19).
  • Residential flat shared bins (240 litre) waste charge — $220 per assessment (including an estimated $25 state levy) ($207 in 2018–19).
  • 240 litre family bin — $292 (including an estimated $49 state levy) ($279 in 2018–19).
  • Medical 240 litre waste charge — $220 (including an estimated $49 state levy) ($207 in 2018–19).
  • Litter management charge — $60 ($56 in 2018–19).
  • Additional recycling bin — $38 ($30 in 2018–19).
  • Additional green waste bin — $38 ($30 in 2018–19).

Council would like to thank all residents who contributed to the Budget process during public meetings. All submissions and comments were considered when deciding the final Budget.

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