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COVID-19 Response and Recovery Small Business Grants

The COVID-19 Response and Recovery Small Business Grants program 2020 provides grants to small businesses for online technical and innovation support.

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The focus of this grant program is to respond to the challenges of COVID-19. It is intended to help build small business resilience both during and after the pandemic by assisting businesses to develop and grow their online capabilities.

Grants of up to $2,000 (excluding GST) are available.

What are the key dates?

  • Applications for funding open on Thursday 21 May at 9am
  • Applications will be assessed as they are received
  • Funding will be distributed as soon as practical
  • Successful applicants’ proposed activity should be completed within six months.

Who can apply?

The Grants are open to small businesses (with an annual payroll less than $650,000) that are registered and operating in the Glen Eira municipality. Applicants must have a registered Australian Business Number (ABN) and hold a current Certificate of Currency for public liability insurance up to the sum of $20 million. Applicants must have no outstanding debts to the Glen Eira City Council.

What will be funded?

The Grant offers funds for online and e-commerce activities, including the purchasing of hardware, software and services in any of the following areas;

  • website design and development
  • e-commerce platforms (selling online and receiving payments)
  • online content development (web pages, mobile apps, audio and visual media)
  • digital marketing and promotion
  • supporting hardware and/or software, and;
  • mentoring and/or training in online and e-commerce activities.

The program will support applications that;

  • demonstrate a level of innovation that will lead to business improvement (to deliver better products or services online). 
  • outline initiatives that are inclusive and respectful, and;
  • demonstrate the development of online/e-commerce capabilities that will benefit the business long term and can continue being utilised post the COVID-19 pandemic.

Proposed procurement from local suppliers in Glen Eira will be favourably considered. Preference will be given to projects able to be completed in the short term.

Who can’t apply?

The following organisations can't apply:

  • Political organisations
  • organisations that have a political purpose
  • government departments or agencies
  • foundations or grant making bodies, and;
  • current Glen Eira employees, immediate families and their contractors.

How do I apply?

Applications are made online by completing a form through SmartyGrants. To successfully submit an application, you must ensure all relevant sections of the application form are completed, and attachments are included. Applications must be made by the business owner, manager or a staff member endorsed by the owner or manager:

  • Step 1: Open the online application form
  • Step 2: Start an application - choose ‘Start a submission’ then ‘Login’ to SmartyGrants using an existing account or ‘Register’ a new account.

A new account set-up requires you to use your business email address as a username and create a password. Please ensure you record your login details. Once registered, you can then ‘Login’ and start an application. SmartyGrants allows you to save your progress and return to your application at a later date, to open an application already started, log in and go to the ‘My submissions’ Link.


Can I request a grant for a project that has already started?

Yes. Funding can be awarded for goods or services procured before 21 May. To be eligible for funding however, these previously procured goods or services must have been sought as a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What supporting documents are required?

Include any information that helps substantiate your application. Quotes must be provided for all proposed goods or services (an email or screendshot including the product/service and agreed costs for from the product or service provider is acceptable).

How are applications assessed?

All applicants will receive an acknowledgement email shortly after an application is submitted. Applications will be assessed on an ongoing basis, as they are received by the Director Planning and Place, reporting to the Glen Eira Community Grants Advisory Committee.

What are the assessment criteria?

All applications will be assessed on alignment with the following criteria, business and community benefit and stated outcomes in the application;

  • demonstration of a level of innovation that will lead to business improvement (to deliver better products or services online)
  • outline of initiatives that are inclusive and respectful to all
  • demonstration of the development of online and e-commerce capabilities that will benefit the business long-term and can continue being utilised post the COVID-19 pandemic
  • procurement of goods or services from local suppliers in Glen Eira
  • capacity for goods or services to be secured or completed in the near-term (or a maximum of six months).

On conclusion of the project what is required of me?

All successful grant applicants will be requested to complete an acquittal or discharge form, and provide evidence of grant expenditure, including receipts. If no proof is provided, or there is evidence that grant funds have not been spent for the purpose they were awarded, Council may request the return of grant monies.

Is there an example budget I can view to assist me with my application?

Yes, an example budget can be downloaded in the ‘Related Documents’ section of this page below.

How can I get help with my application?

For assistance with any aspect of this COVID-19 Response and Recovery Small Business Grant program or completing an application, please contact the business grants team on businessgrants@gleneira.vic.gov.au or by calling 9524 3333.

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