Due to the easing of COVID-19 restrictions,

 we are excited to announce the reopening of some of our key services and community facilities. Find out more in our COVID-19 services update.

Online course — Step in, step up

Discover everything a new committee/board member needs to know. The course is essential for people who have recently joined a board or who are about to join a board, or those who missed their induction the first time around.

Once started, you have 30 days to finish the online course and on completion, you will receive a certificate.

To register for this online training go to training.communitydirectors.com.au, click on "Signup" (top right hand corner), join the group and then enter the code 2E5jkrazq.

Your free compact course will now appear in your dashboard. Simply click the course to begin.

If you have any course questions please email training@ourcommunity.com.au or call OurCommunity on 9320 6800.