COVID-19 Council services update

Council is legally obliged to comply with the Directions issued by the Chief Health Officer and the public health advice of the State Government. For further information, visit the Department of Health and Human Services website or the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Victoria website.

The latest Victorian Government requirements impact Council services and facilities. To find out how this may impact you, see the list of services, facilities and programs below.

Services, facilities and programs
Updated 22 April 2022

Customer Service Centre

Status: Open

Our Customer Service Centre front counter at Glen Eira Town Hall is open Monday to Friday, 8am to 5.30pm.

Ways to contact us are:

Community groups

Status: Open

All community group activities, such as senior citizen groups are open.

Council meetings

Status: Changed

Council Meetings and Assemblies will continue to run, however public participation has been cancelled until further notice, you can live stream the Council Meetings

You can ask us questions at any time by submitting your question online, letter, fax or by emailing them to ensuring they are received by Council 12pm on the business day before the meeting.


Status: Changed

Events and public programs are back! Residents and visitors can look forward to some exciting free and or low cost events and public programs in 2022. Subscribe to the Arts and Culture database by emailing your details to or like us on Facebook or Instagram.


Status: Open

The Glen Eira City Council Gallery is open and we welcome you back, as per Victoria’s COVID-19 Roadmap. We will have COVID safe measures in place in accordance with Victorian Government requirements. Visit our Gallery exhibitions and public programs page to find out what's on.

Glen Eira Leisure

Status: Open

All our services, facilities and programs are back to normal.

Please be advised that due to staff shortages there may be some amendments to the opening hours. You can find more detailed information on our Opening Hours page or contact Glen Eira Leisure on 9575 7100

Glen Eira Libraries

Status: Open

Glen Eira Libraries are open. Click and collect services are still available, as well as home library delivery services for those people who are eligible. For more information, visit Glen Eira Libraries website.

You can make use of our free e-books, movies, digital magazines, e-audiobooks and e-newspapers — available online 24/7. Just download the Glen Eira Libraries app for free from iTunes and Google Play.


Status: Open

Our immunisations sessions are running, visit our immunising your child page for session days and times.

  • the use of hand sanitiser
  • limiting one parent and child per session
  • implementation of social distancing
  • seating is to be 1.5 metres apart.

All staff are provided with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required by the State and Commonwealth Governments, so you can expect to see our staff with face masks and face shields along with standard protection such as gloves and sanitiser.

In-home support and community care

Status: Open

We continue to run in-home support services, including domestic assistance and personal care. Shopping from a list and Delivered Meals are also still available. Property maintenance is running at a reduced capacity for safety related tasks only.

All staff are provided with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required by the State and Commonwealth Governments, so you can expect to see our staff with face masks and face shields along with standard protection such as gloves and sanitiser.

Our Social Support Groups are open.

Early Learning Centres and Maternal and Child Health

Status: Open

Early Learning Centres and Family Day Care Service are open to all children.

Our Maternal and Child Health services are open and will continue to provide essential care to infants and children. For more information or for any concerns, you can call the Glen Eira Maternal and Child Health Hotline on 9524 3403 between 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Parks and playgrounds

Status: Open 

Our parks and open space are open, including playgrounds, skateparks, active recreation spaces (hit-up walls, 3 point basketball, golf birdie cages) and fitness equipment.

Bookings are available via Council’s website for picnic shelters and open space.

Public toilets

Status: Open

All public toilets are open. Cleaning protocols are in accordance with Department of Health and Human Services guidelines.

Rubbish, recycling and transfer stations

Kerbside collections

Status: Open

These services are continuing as normal. However, your waste may be collected a little earlier than usual to allow drivers to stagger their start times. This is to reduce the risk of community transmission as the drivers would otherwise be collecting keys and trucks together. Drivers are now able to service major roads from 5am and side streets from 6am. Our aim is to return to normal collection times as soon as appropriate and we want to thank you for your understanding during this time.

For further information on noise generated by kerbside waste collection, visit the EPA Victoria website.

To reduce manual handling of bins, it would be helpful to place your bin for collection in a spot that won’t be blocked by parked cars, such as the edge of your driveway. Continue to put your bins out the night before collection.

Advice for householders regarding COVID-19

Below are some guidelines you can include in your daily routine in regards to COVID-19.

  • When you take your bin to the kerb, make sure you wash your hands before and after you bring it back in.
  • If you take a bin out on behalf of others, make sure you wear gloves and dispose of them appropriately.

For those with Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Put all of your usual items in your bin which goes out for kerbside collection. Wash your hands afterwards.

Please put the following disposable items into a sealed plastic or paper bag and into your bin:

  • tissues
  • cleaning cloths
  • masks

Put the bag in general waste (not recycle or green waste) for kerbside collection.

Put paper, cardboard and other recyclables that have mixed with the above disposable items into general waste as well.

Wash your hands straight after handling disposable items or items that have become mixed with them.

To help waste collectors:

  • Compact rubbish — if possible — before putting it in your kerbside general waste bin.
  • Don’t compact waste that is already in the bin. It may become stuck and not empty properly.
  • Don’t overfill waste or recycling kerbside bins or put them where they may easily tip over or spill.
  • Ensure you leave your bin in an unobstructed location.

Hard rubbish, bundled branches and cardboard

Status: Open

Hard rubbish, bundled branch and bulk cardboard booked collection services will continue to operate. However, note that these may occur earlier than usual on your collection day.

Ensure that you book your collection before putting any items out. Visit our Hard rubbish, branches and cardboard page to book your collection.

Transfer stations

Status: Open

There are two waste facilities close to Glen Eira. Each facility accepts many recyclables for free, but you have to pay to drop off some items. These sites only accept domestic quantities, and neither of them takes asbestos.

For further information, visit Monash City Council or Boroondara City Council websites.

Youth Services

Status: Open

Youth Development Officers will be at the McKinnon Library and Youth Services, Monday to Friday from 1pm to 6pm (except public holidays).

You can also speak to a Youth Development Officer via phone, video-chat or email. Contact us on 9524 3676 between 10am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Community based programs will continue to run online until density/capacity limits are removed.


Status: Open

Our venues are open for bookings. 


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