COVID-19 update:

On Sunday 6 September 2020, the Premier announced Victoria’s COVID-19 roadmap to reopening. Many of the Stage 4 restrictions remain in place but there have been some slight changes. Find out more here.

Information and training sessions for Candidates

Find resources, training and information sessions for candidates.

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All candidates must complete mandatory training in order to be eligible to nominate. Mandatory candidate training is now available and is being conducted online by Local Government Victoria (LGV). 

You can access the training from the Local Government Victoria's website.  

Safe campaigning

The Victorian Government is working with the Chief Health Officer, as well as local government stakeholders, to ensure candidates for council general elections can safely campaign during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Local Government Victoria and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) have released updated Safe Campaign Guidelines for the October Local Government elections which permit some campaign activities with some controls including dropping leaflets in letterboxes and obtaining and delivering posters and billboards from 14 September 2020.

The guidelines now reflect the most current advice from the roadmap to recovery announced on Sunday 6 September. The guidelines will help candidates understand how to comply with the directions of the Victorian Chief Health Officer, and how to stay safe while campaigning.

Download the new guidelines: Safe Campaign Guidelines 

Any campaign activities must comply with directions by the Victorian Chief Health Officer that are in place at the time. Please note, directions from the Victorian Chief Health Officer may change at any time.

Nomination arrangements

Lodging your nomination in person

The Department of Health and Human Services has confirmed that attending an election office in order to nominate for election is a permitted reason to leave home, even if the election office is more than 5 km from your home.

You will need to make a nomination appointment with the Election Manager. Once you have made a nomination appointment, the Election Manager will send you an email confirming the appointment. The email will also provide information on the COVIDSafe protocols that will be in place when you attend your appointment. If requested by a police officer or authorised officer under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008, you can show the confirmation email as evidence of your reason for leaving home.

Lodging your nomination by email

In limited circumstances you may be able to submit your nomination form by email and pay your nomination fee by electronic funds transfer (EFT). This arrangement is only available if you are prevented from attending an election office due to a public health direction, including if:

  1. you are currently diagnosed with, or are suspected to have, COVID-19;
  2. you are closed contacts of a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19; or
  3. you have recently been tested for COVID-19 and have not yet received the result; or
  4. you are subject to a specific detention or isolation direction.

You can also apply to lodge your nomination form by email and pay the nomination fee by EFT if you are immunocompromised, immunosuppressed, or experiencing any symptoms indicating you are unwell (including symptoms consistent with COVID-19).

VEC Candidate information video presentation

The VEC presentation provides comprehensive information for prospective candidates to find out more about the nomination process for the 2020 local council elections.

VEC — Candidate information sessions

The recorded information session video is complemented by three state-wide interactive candidate seminars. The seminars will provide prospective candidates the opportunity to ask questions about the nomination process and the election.

Questions and answers for potential candidates

Anyone thinking of running for Council is welcome to contact us with queries or requests for information. Queries should be directed in writing to:

Questions posed and the answers provided will be posted here as they may assist other people. Personal details will not be recorded on this web page.

We will not include any information on this page containing electoral material prohibited under the Local Government Act 2020.

You can find our Community Satisfaction Survey Report which provides results and recommendations Council.

Council Elections

When are Council elections being held?

State-wide council elections are held every four years in October.

The upcoming Council election day is 24 October 2020.

How are the elections being conducted?

The election will be held by postal vote. Votes can be posted anytime up until 6pm on 23 October 2020.

Postal ballots will be forwarded to voters by the Victorian Electoral Commission between 6 - 8 October.

Will all Councillors be required to stand for re-election?

Any Councillor who wishes to stand for re-election will need to nominate as a candidate with the VEC and complete mandatory candidate training, just like any other candidate.

Can eligible voters cast a vote for all 12 Councillors or only the three in their respective Ward?

Eligible voters can only vote for candidates in their ward.

The preferential system of voting is used and voters number each box on their ballot paper in the order of their choice.

Is the allowance paid to Councillors considered taxable income?

Councillor allowances are taxable.

Further information about Councillor allowances can be found at:

Who is Council’s election manager?

The Victorian Electoral Commission will be managing this election. 

The Election Manager for Glen Eira is Adrienne Osborne and the Glen Eira Election Office opens on 16 September at the Moorleigh Centre on Bignell Rd, Bentleigh East.

Where can I find more information about the election?

Here is a link to our election page with lots of key information regarding the upcoming election

The Victorian Election Commission (VEC) website also includes a range of up-to-date and relevant information for candidates, which can be found at

The VEC has also published a handbook for candidates, which can be found at


Is candidate training mandatory?

Yes. Under new requirements included in the Local Government Act 2020, all persons wishing to stand for the 2020 Council election must complete mandatory candidate training to be eligible to nominate.

This includes all serving or former councillors intending to nominate.

How do I access candidate training?

Mandatory candidate training is organised and provided by Local Government Victoria.

The training module can be found at

What is the purpose of candidate training?

The purpose of the mandatory candidate training is to ensure that candidates fully understand the role of a councillor and its requirements.

The training is not intended to be a hurdle to nomination. It is free and is estimated to take around an hour to complete.

How will I know that I have completed candidate training?

Mandatory candidate training is taken to be complete only after the candidate has:

  • finished the training module and arrived at a screen that allows the printing of the completion certificate; and
  • received an email advising that the training is complete.

I am experiencing difficulty accessing or completing the candidate training

Council will provide reasonable assistance to all persons wishing to nominate for the election.

If you are experiencing difficulty accessing or completing the training module, please contact Wendy Mason, Council’s Co-ordinator Legal and Governance, at

Glen Eira City Council 

How many residences are there in Tucker Ward?

Council’s rating database identifies rateable properties according to property type.  The information below shows category types and total numbers of residential properties for each ward. Some property types such as Aged care facilities may contain numerous residents, but they are not separately rated:

Tucker Ward Residential properties
Aged Care Complex 5
Boarding House 12
Conjoined Unit/Townhouse 2,304
Detached Dwelling 9,986
Granny Flat/Studio 7
Individual Flat 50
Residential Investment Flats 144
Retirement Village Complex 87
Retirement Village Unit 293
Single Unit/Villa Unit/Townhouse 5,528
Strata Unit or Flat 2,141
TOTAL 20,557
Rosstown Ward Residential properties
Aged Care Complex 8
Boarding House 17
Conjoined Unit/Townhouse 1,543
Detached Dwelling 6,992
Granny Flat/Studio 6
Individual Flat 80
Residential Investment Flats 605
Retirement Village Complex 1
Retirement Village Unit 65
Single Unit/Villa Unit/Townhouse 6,347
Strata Unit or Flat 7,583
TOTAL 23,247
Camden Ward Residential properties
Aged Care Complex 14
Boarding House 16
Conjoined Unit/Townhouse 1,499
Detached Dwelling 7,541
Granny Flat/Studio 9
Individual Flat 59
Residential Investment Flats 594
Retirement Village Complex 1
Retirement Village Unit 219
Semi-Detached/Terrace/Row House 12
Single Unit/Villa Unit/Townhouse 3,869
Strata Unit or Flat 7,544
TOTAL 21,377

Other resources

The following resources are available to assist candidates in nominating for the election: