COVID-19 update:

As per the Premier’s announcement on Sunday 2 August, we have been directed to move to Stage 4 restrictions. Find out more about how this will impact Council services in our COVID-19 services update.

Council elections 2020

Council elections will be held in all municipalities across Victoria in October 2020.

All Victorian local government elections in 2020 will be conducted by postal vote, not attendance vote. The election will be conducted by the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC). The VEC will maintain up-to-date information on its website about the 2020 Local Government Elections, including how to vote and how to nominate as a candidate for election.

Ballot packs with instructions for postal voting will be distributed via post to every enrolled person in Glen Eira in early October.

What should I do if I will be away when postal ballots are distributed?

If you will be away from your mailing address during the period when ballot packs will be mailed out, you can apply for a replacement ballot pack to be mailed to an alternative address by calling the election office once it is established. The VEC’s temporary election office in Glen Eira will be at the Moorleigh Centre, Bignell Road, Bentleigh East and will be open from 16 September 2020.

Alternatively, you can contact the election office from Wednesday 16 September and make a request to vote early. An early ballot paper can only be issued in person at the election office if the request is reasonable.

Please note: information lodged by candidates may not be available when voting early and voters issued with an early vote may also receive a ballot pack through the general mail out. Only one vote may be returned in an election.