Change of ownership or address

It is important that you notify us in writing if you change ownership of your property, or change addresses.

Do not add instructions or alterations to the rates notice itself.

Change of property ownership

If you have a solicitor or conveyancer overseeing the sale, it is their responsibility to notify us.

If you are buying or selling a property without assistance from a solicitor or conveyance, please fill out a notice of acquisition form. Until we receive a notice of disposal you will remain liable for all rates and charges.

 You can also just provide us with a current copy of the title.

Notice of acquisition form(DOCX, 57KB)

Notice of acquisition form(PDF, 217KB)

Change of postal address

We must be notified in writing of any changes of postal address. Any change of postal address (example: PO Box or agent) must also include your residential address.

Complete the change of address form below:

Property details

Owner/s details

(must be the address where you physically reside)
(if different to above residential)
Would you like any other Council Departments notified of your change of mailing address.
If YES could you please tick the appropriate box

If you require your rate notice to be forwarded to your agent/tenant/other please complete this section

PLEASE NOTE: Agents/Tenants/Others require the written authorisation of the owner to change the address for future rate notices.
I, the owner/s of the above named property authorise City of Glen Eira to send rate notices to my agent/tenant/other.
I, the owner/s acknowledge that all the details on this form are correct. * (required)
Type the characters you see in the image below * (Required)

Information privacy
The personal information requested is required primarily for the provision of the service referred to on this form and will only be shared with those directly responsible for providing that service. Date of birth is used to compile voters rolls and will not be used or disclosed for any other purpose. We are required to collect this information under the Local Government Act 1989. If you would like to know more about privacy at Glen Eira City Council, including your right to seek access to any information collected on this form, contact Council’s privacy officer on 9524 3333.