Register your pet

Why should I register my pet?

There are three really good reasons why you should register your pet.

  • It improves the chances of your animal being returned to you in the case that it becomes lost.
  • By law, all dogs and cats over the age of three months must be registered. For all new registrations, the animal must be microchipped too. 
  • You may receive a fine for not registering your pet and these fines run into the hundreds of dollars.

Animal registration form(PDF, 159KB)

General information pet registration(PDF, 212KB)

For your protection and compliance with the Payment Card Data Security Standard, your email will not be accepted if forms are submitted with credit card details included.

We send out a renewal notice in March to all owners of registered animals within our City. At this time, a new tag is issued which must be attached to the collar of your animal. We encourage all owners to submit a current mobile phone number as we can also send out reminders via text message when your animal renewal is due.

In the case that your situation changes, you move house, your animal passes on or if you’ve just lost your animal tag, contact us on 9524 3333.

How do I pay for my pet registration?

For first time registrations the options include:

  • by mail; and
  • in person at Council’s Service Centre, Glen Eira Town Hall, corner Glen Eira and Hawthorn Roads, Caulfield.

The options to pay for your renewal are:

  • through our website;
  • by phone;
  • in person at any Australia Post office; and 
  • on the internet through BPAY.

This is because there are a few more things that need to be done when registering your animal for the first time. You need to also provide a copy of the microchipping details and where applicable, your sterilisation certificate. You are rewarded for this extra work by our incentive schemes, see Registration incentive scheme below.

Registration incentive scheme

We offer a discount scheme to encourage animal owners to register their pets. The scheme is also designed to encourage sterilisation of pets, in particular cats. We hope to reduce the population of unowned cats and to reduce the high euthanasia rates of unowned cats that are impounded by us.

Sterilised dogs and cats upon first registration will receive free registration for the next full year, ie. when you receive your next renewal, you will receive a new tag but the renewal fee will be waived.

Please note: it is now mandatory that all dogs and cats that are to be registered must first be implanted with an approved identification device (microchip).

We have a further incentive program we offer in relation to obedience trained dogs.

Obedience trained dogs incentive program

How many pets can I have?

Pet owners may keep up to two dogs and two cats on a property without the need for a permit. To keep more than two cats or two dogs on any property you will need to apply for a Multiple pet permit.

Multiple pet permit(PDF, 81KB)

You may also keep up to six chickens and 20 pigeons on a property without a permit, however, you must remember that even without the need for a permit, you have obligations to your fellow neighbours and under the Local Law. To learn more, see clauses 321, 322, 425 and 426 of Council's Local Law 2009 linked below.

Glen Eira City Council Local Law 2009(PDF, 229KB)