Problems with cats

Cats make wonderful companions, but owners must prevent their cat from causing a nuisance to neighbours. If a neighbour asks an owner to stop their cat coming onto their property, the owner must do so. We may issue the owner with a notice of objection if their cat is found trespassing on someone else's property. Cats may be impounded if caught more than once.

Residents who have a problem with a cat causing a nuisance on their property can contact us on 9524 3333 to discuss the options available.

Confining cats

An outdoor cat enclosure can be a good way to allow adequate exercise, while ensuring the security of being on the owner's property at all times. A range of cat enclosure products are available. Contact our Civic Compliance Unit on 9524 3333 for further information.

We recommend owners confine their cats indoors at night as this will:

  • help protect native wildlife;
  • prevent cat fights;
  • reduce the risk of cats being hit by cars;
  • prevent territorial marking and spraying; and
  • help reduce problems associated with stray cats.

Stray and semi-owned cats

Government and animal welfare industry groups have joined together as part of the Who’s For Cats? campaign to encourage Victorians to adopt stray cats or deliver them to pounds and shelters for rehousing. There are still large numbers of unowned cats on the streets, which is a problem for all residents.

The Who’s for Cats? campaign calls for people who are feeding an unowned cat to act humanely and take full responsibility of the cat by contacting our Civic Compliance Unit to seek advice on either taking ownership of the cat (registering, desexing, etc.), or bringing the cat into their local pound or shelter.

Every year approximately 50,000 cats are impounded and 35,000 of those are euthanised due to poor health or because homes can’t be found for them.

For further information on what to do if you come across an unowned cat, contact us on 9524 3333, or for further information on the campaign, visit website here or call 13 61 86.

Organisations supporting the campaign are the Animal Welfare Science Centre; Australian Veterinary Association; Cat Protection Society; Department of Primary Industries; Lort Smith Animal Hospital; Monash University; Municipal Association of Victoria; Pet Industry Association of Australia; RSPCA; The Lost Dogs’ Home; and Victorian Animal Aid.