Vehicle crossings

A vehicle crossing is the constructed pathway between the road way and the property driveway to facilitate safe and effective vehicle access to properties. They also protect underground services in the nature strips from heavy vehicle loads.

Who is responsible for vehicle crossings?

Vehicle crossings are on Council or VicRoads managed roads and extend from the edge of the road pavement to the property boundary. The benefiting property owner is responsible for constructing a vehicle crossing and adjacent footpath.

Do you need to build, modify, remove or repair a vehicle crossing?

Please read information packages about vehicle crossings.

Application process and general information(PDF, 1MB)

Frequently Asked Questions(PDF, 84KB)

Vehicle Crossing Permit Standard Conditions(PDF, 80KB)

Lodge an application for Vehicle Crossing Permit

Upon completion of an application, a Council officer will inspect the location of proposed vehicle crossing to ensure the protection of Council’s and other authorities’ assets.

If the application is approved, a Vehicle Crossing Permit will be issued.

If the application is not approved, the applicant will be informed.

You can apply for a Vehicle Crossing permit online

You can register to apply for these permits via our online service. Once approved a confirmation email will be sent to you.

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