Electric Line Clearance Management Plan

Council inspects street trees in the vicinity of the powerlines and programs the pruning accordingly. Usually the pruning work is of a minor nature, as previous years pruning works have set the framework of branches within the canopy and only regrowth needs to be removed. Occasionally a tree may require additional works however this percentage is small considering Council manages more than 50,000 street trees.

In compliance with the regulations a copy of the Electric Line Clearance Management Plan (ELCMP) is available below. Copies are also available from Park Services, 730 Inkerman Road, Caulfield North from 8am and 4.30pm weekdays.

Electric Line Clearance Management Plan(PDF, 1MB)

In July each year Council will update the ELCMP. Residents will be able to see when their area is programed to be pruned for powerline clearance. This pruning only relates to powerline clearance. Other requests for pruning of street trees will be actioned on an individual basis following an inspection by a qualified arborist (usually within 30 days). Any urgent works will be attended to as a priority.

For further information, contact Council's Services Centre on 9524 3333.

Pruning dates for comprehensive pruning
Area Date
Block 1  July–August 2016   
Block 2 September–October 2016
Block 3 November–December 2016
Block 4 January–March  2017
Block 5 April–June-2017
Block 6  July–September 2017
Block 7 October–November 2017
Block 8 May–June 2018
Block 9 January–February 2018
Block 10 March–April 2018
Main roads December 2017–January 2018

ELCMP Area Map