Street lighting

There are more than 8,500 street lights in our city.

The maintenance of street lighting is the responsibility of CitiPower for the area north of Balaclava Road and United Energy for the area south of Balaclava Road. Street light faults should be reported directly to either CitiPower on 13 12 80 or United Energy on 13 20 99.

Report a fault with CitiPower — north of Balaclava Road

Report a fault with United Energy — south of Balaclava Road

The installation of additional street lighting are assessed by us. We have a Street Lighting Policy and any assessment is consistent with Council policy — generally a light on every second power pole. Typically, this results in a spacing of approximately 100 metres between lights. If warranted, we request the relevant power supply company to install the additional lighting. Decisions on requests for lighting on the arterial roads within Glen Eira are made by VicRoads.

Street Lighting Policy(PDF, 67KB)