Street and park litter bins

We have 328 street litter bins and 400 park litter bins. We also have a number of recycling litter bins. These are all collected up to seven days per week. 

If you see overflowing bins, please contact our Service Centre on 9524 3333 and they will arrange a collection.

Smart bin trial

We are always looking at innovative ways to manage our waste and recycling services and are currently trialling solar powered compactor smart bins in some public spaces around the municipality.

Compacted waste occupies less bin space than loose, non-compacted garbage.

Compactor bins compress the garbage so the bin can hold around five times the normal capacity. The bin shells house our existing standard wheelie bins. The compactor inside is powered by a solar panel on top.

The bin communicates via a cloud network, alerting our waste contractor when the bin is full.

Benefits include:

  • Bins need to be collected less often
  • Less bin overflows and windblown rubbish
  • Compacted garbage takes up less space in landfills

We have installed Yindi compactable bins that are designed and manufactured in Australia. The flexible solar panels are tolerant to impact and vandalism.

Our smart bins are located at:

  • 272 Glenhuntly Road, Elsternwick
  • 90 Koornang Road, Carnegie
  • 413 Centre Road, Bentleigh

If you would like more information, email