Signage and furniture

Signs; seats; tables; rubbish bins; bicycle racks; rest shelters; and drinking fountains are common items of street furniture.

Street signs and street furniture contribute to the quality and safety of streetscapes and open spaces in Glen Eira.

Outdoor Furniture Strategy

The colour, style and quality of street furniture can enhance or detract from the character of an area and the image of a municipality as a whole. We have introduced an Outdoor Furniture Strategy to co-ordinate the selection and installation of street furniture, strengthen the municipal identity and provide a high level of user amenity.

Outdoor Furniture Strategy(PDF, 1MB)

Maintaining and installing signs and street furniture

We manage furniture in the City’s parks and open spaces and are responsible for the installation and maintenance of signs and other street furniture along roads.

VicRoads are responsible for signage on Dandenong Road, Nepean Highway and North Road and can be contacted on 13 11 70.

We are not responsible for public transport furniture or signage at bus, tram or taxi stops.

How to report damaged street signs or street furniture

To report damaged street signs or street furniture, contact us on 9524 3333 and give a description of the problem and an exact location, street name and suburb.