We place high priority on ensuring that the community is provided with a safe and efficient road network for use by all members of public.

The road network within Glen Eira consists of approximately:

  • 465 kilometres of Council roads that include:
    • 833 kilometres of kerb and channel; and
    • 868 kilometres of pathways.
  • 51 kilometres of arterial roads which are the responsibility of, and managed by, VicRoads but for which we maintain the pathways.

The quality of roads and related infrastructure is ensured through a capital works program, routine maintenance programs and a pavement management system.

Road Management Plan

The Road Management Plan has been developed in accordance with the Road Management Act 2004. It defines which public roads will be maintained and sets the standards and levels of service for the management and maintenance of assets within the road reserve, subject to the available Council funds.

The Plan sets out times and standards to which we will inspect, repair and maintain the roads and road-related infrastructure for which we are responsible.

We maintain all the local roads that are on our road register and sections of roads between the back of kerb and building line on arterial roads. We are also responsible for maintenance of service lanes along arterial roads. Click on the link below to view a map showing arterial roads maintained by VicRoads.

We use our available resources to carry out inspections, repairs and maintenance under a number of programs. These can be divided into two main categories of defect and maintenance:

Inspection type Repair type  Time frame for repair
Defect inspection (including scheduled and reactive — eg. hazard and emergency) Defect repair Relatively short term
Condition (maintenance) inspection — scheduled Maintenance/
Relatively long term — eg. according to a rolling multi-year cycle of prioritising

Road Management Plan 2018(PDF, 1MB)

Road register(PDF, 1MB)

Works within road

An Asset Consent Permit should be obtained from us prior to any works in the road reserve for which we are responsible.

Asset Consent Permit application form

Reporting hazards

To report any road hazards or safety concerns within road reserve for which we are responsible, contact 9524 3333 with description of problem and location. If the hazard is within a carriageway of an arterial road, contact VicRoads on 13 11 71.

Map-Major roads maintained by VicRoads(PDF, 23KB)