Kerbs and channels

Commonly known as gutters, kerbs and channels form a barrier between road pavement and nature strips, which aim to:

  • assist drainage;
  • improve channelisation and delineation of traffic flows;
  • protect pedestrians;
  • reduce maintenance of nature strips; and
  • improve aesthetic values of road alignment.

We maintain nearly 833 kilometres of kerbs consisting of concrete and bluestone. Kerbs and channels can vary — they may consist of barrier, semi-mountable and mountable kerbs.

We regularly use street sweeping machines to prevent the build-up of leaves and debris in the channels.

Stormwater connections to kerbs and channels

Kerbs and channels are also part of our drainage network and direct stormwater runs off into our underground pits and pipes.

An Asset Consent Permit should be obtained from us prior to stormwater connection to kerbs and channels.

Damaged kerbs and channels

For complaints about damaged kerbs and channels along local roads, contact us on 9524 3333 with details of the problem.