Local drainage network

We look after approximately 540 kilometres of drains and 22,000 drainage pits. We undertake a range of services to ensure that stormwater is discharged effectively throughout the City. We not only maintain the existing drainage infrastructure by cleaning and repairing our pits and drains, but also by upgrading or replacing them as necessary.

How to report a problem

If you need to report flooding or a blocked stormwater drain, contact us on 9524 3333 and give a description of the problem and an exact location, street name and suburb.

Damaged or missing pit lids

To assist us with locating the damaged lid, please check for any identifying markings. If the lid is marked Telstra, contact them directly on 13 22 03 and ask for a reference number. If the lid is marked South East Water, contact them directly on 13 28 12.

Keys, wallets and other personal items dropped into stormwater pits

If you have dropped personal items into a stormwater pit, contact us on 9524 3333 to report the incident and a member of our drainage unit may be able to retrieve the item.

Point of Discharge Report

Point of Discharge Report is issued by us under Building Regulations 2006 in relation to an application for a building permit to carry out building work that includes a stormwater drainage system. This report also gives direction where stormwater runoff from the building should be connected. This report is not a permit to carry out the connection.

You can now apply for Point of Discharge reports online

You can register to apply for these reports via our online service. Once approved a confirmation email will be sent to you. If you are already a registered user please log in. Already registered? Apply now.

Register to apply online.

Stormwater connection to Council drainage network

An Asset Consent Permit is required to be obtained from us prior connecting stormwater runoff to our drainage pits, pipes or kerb and channels.

Building over easement or within one metre laterally to Council drains

Consent must be obtained prior to construction of any building over an easement and/or near our drainage network on your property. Check the property title and contact us on 9524 3333 to confirm if there is any easement and/or drainage assets on your property.

Drainage blockage between downpipe and kerb

It is your responsibility to keep drainage pipes clear that run from downpipes to the kerb. If the drainage pipe is blocked, a private plumber must be contacted.

Stormwater drainage maintenance responsibilities — visual guide(PDF, 129KB)