Building over easements and drains

An easement is an area of land or part of a lot reserved by law for a specific purpose, such as drainage.

Drainage easement is the registration on the property title of Council right of access for constructing and maintaining stormwater drain.

Many people have drainage easements and/or Council drain on their properties. Drainage assets may already exist within the easement or we may require the easement for future drainage purposes.

It is a legislated requirement to obtain consent from Council prior to building over a drainage easement or within one metre of a Council drain.

Prior to designing any structure or carrying out works, seek to establish if the proposed structure/or works is to be over a drainage easement or within one metre of a Council drain.

For an indicative location of our drain or easement on your property, contact us on 9524 3333.

Building Over Easement application process(PDF, 57KB)

Building Over Easement information pack(PDF, 180KB)

You can now apply for Building Over Easement permits online

You can register to apply for these permits via our online service. Once registration is approved a confirmation email will be sent to you. Before lodging a Building Over Easement application online, Council requires that a signed copy of the Owner Agreement to the standard conditions is provided during lodgement. Owners Agreement to standard conditions form.

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