Asset Protection Permit

An Asset Protection Permit must be obtained from us prior to the commencement of any building and or demolition works.

An exception to this is minor building works valued at less than $5,000 and not involving masonry structures and demolition.

The Permit is required in order to protect Council assets such as footpaths; kerbs and channels; trees; pits/drains; and nature strips from damage during the transportation of equipment, machinery and building materials across the road reserve and/or working over or near Council drainage infrastructure onsite.

The Permit also protects the applicant against paying for damage that may have existed prior commencement of their building work.

Asset Protection Permit — general information(PDF, 81KB)

You can now apply for Asset Protection permits online

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Please note that there may be extra fees required for the bond amount upon assessment of the application. An officer will advise you of any changes.