Overhanging trees

Property owners are responsible for keeping trees and shrubs under control and trimmed back to ensure pedestrian safety and clear sightlines for drivers.

Trees must be trimmed to a height of three metres above the ground and, at least, vertically in line with the property boundary. Shrubs must not protrude beyond the fence line or encroach onto the footpath.

If a Council notice is sent requesting that trees or shrubs be trimmed, the work must be completed within 14 days.

The property owner is responsible for pruning any overhanging vegetation, however, Council offers a free mulching service (subject to terms and conditions) to dispose of the vegetation. Arrangements can also be made for an authorised contractor to prune and remove the vegetation. An application form can be downloaded below.

Request for Council to carry out work — overhanging vegetation(PDF, 79KB)

Property owners who do not comply with a notice within 14 days will be issued with an official warning notice. This provides a further 10 days to complete the work. If action is still not taken within the required timeframe, a penalty notice of $200 may be issued and a contractor will be engaged by us to undertake the necessary work. The property owner is responsible for the contractor’s fees.