Local law

We have produced the Glen Eira City Council Local Law 2009 which assists us to meet our responsibilities in maintaining a safe, pleasing, peaceful and healthy environment for the whole community. The law prohibits, regulates and controls certain activities, practices and behaviours to ensure that neighbourhood amenity is maintained, residents are not unreasonably impacted on and a person’s property is not detrimentally affected.

The Local Government Act 1989 enables us to produce local laws to cover the following areas:

  • protecting residential amenity;
  • the keeping of animals;
  • incinerators — all burning off is prohibited in the City of Glen Eira;
  • street selling and highway collections;
  • overhanging trees and shrubs;
  • obstructions and behaviour;
  • general matters relating to the protection of Council land; and
  • Council meeting procedures.

Building site management practices

Clause 330 of the Local Law 2009 requires that a person who is in charge of a building site (other than where only minor building works are undertaken) must comply with the Building Site Management Code of Practice.

The Code of Practice seeks to ensure that builders’ refuse and potential stormwater pollutants are contained on site and to be disposed of responsibly.

The Local Law 2009 introduces new definitions which clarify when compliance with the code of practice is required.

You can download a copy of the code of practice and Local Law 2009 below.

Keeping our stormwater clean — a guide for building sites

The revised booklet was originally produced with the support of the Victorian EPA, Melbourne Water and the cities of Kingston, Casey, Hume, Melbourne, Moreland and Moonee Valley.

The booklet provides a set of practical guidelines for builders. The information is extensively illustrated and provides examples of strategies to control litter and sediment on building sites.

The downloadable copy of the booklet (see below) is reproduced with permission from EPA Victoria and Melbourne Water.

Asset Protection Permits are required

A permit system now operates for the protection of our assets and to ensure that any damage to our assets, as a result of building-associated works (including demolition), is repaired at the cost of those responsible.

Council's assets include:

  • footpaths;
  • nature strips;
  • kerb and channel;
  • trees;
  • signs;
  • stormwater drains; and
  • road pavement.

A valid Asset Protection Permit must be in place prior to the commencement of any building activity.

Those required to obtain an Asset Protection Permit are owners, builders or developers, etc.

Please note: an Asset Protection Permit is in addition to any Vehicle Crossover, Stormwater Tapping, Materials on Nature strip or Footpath Occupation, and Road Opening Permits that may also be required.

Glen Eira City Council Local Law 2009(PDF, 229KB)

Building Site Management Code of Practice(PDF, 101KB)

Keeping our Stormwater Clean — A Guide for Building Sites(PDF, 876KB)