Civic compliance permits

We are all subject to local laws which cover certain activities within our City in order to prevent a nuisance or loss of amenity to your neighbourhood or to a person.

Permits are often required before certain activities can take place. Please see list below of permits that may be applied for through our Civic Compliance Unit.

Should you have any enquiries in relation to this information, contact us on 9524 3333 before undertaking any of the following activities:

  • footpath trading;
  • placing industrial waste bins or building material on any Council controlled land including nature strips, footpath and roads;
  • road closure, footpath occupancy, crane permit, works zone permit, shipping containers and parking spaces;
  • street selling or collecting for registered charities;
  • filming;
  • keeping more than two dogs or more than two cats (over the age of three months) on any premises; and
  • keeping poultry, pigeons or any livestock.