Abandoned and unregistered vehicles

What can I do if a vehicle has been left for a period of time outside my house?

If a vehicle has been left for a period of time on the roadway outside the front of your property and you are unsure who owns it, have a friendly chat with your neighbours. It may be that they have friends or family staying with them.

If you’ve spoken with your neighbours and you are no clearer on who owns the vehicle, you can check the registration status via the VicRoads website: VicRoads registration check

Registration not current? 

Take note of the following details:

  • The exact location of the derelict vehicle?
  • How many weeks has the vehicle been at this location?
  • Make
  • Model
  • Colour
  • Registration number

Contact us on 9524 3333 with the details as above and we will arrange for an officer to attend and carry out the necessary checks.

Remember that on a public road, anyone can leave their vehicle in any place so long as it is legal to do so (that is if it's legally parked).

If a vehicle is found to be unregistered or abandoned, we may attach a tow-away notice to it and the vehicle may be impounded by us. Any costs may be borne by the last registered owner of the vehicle.