Smoke alarms

The Building Regulations 2006 require that self-contained smoke alarms must be installed in all residential buildings, including dwellings within a building or other buildings of non-residential classes. The following types of buildings, grouped as defined in the Building Code of Australia, are included:

Included residential properties

  • Class 1a — detached house, row house, town house, villa unit;
  • Class 1b — boarding house, guest house;
  • Class 2 — building containing sole-occupancy units (eg. a block of flats);
  • Class 3 — backpackers' accommodation, residential part of a hotel or motel, residential part of a school, accommodation for the aged, disabled or children; and
  • Class 4 — a dwelling in a non-residential building.


A fine of up to $704 could be imposed on an owner who fails to comply with the smoke alarm requirements of the Building Regulations 2006.

Victorian Building Authority Smoke Alarm Information Sheet(PDF, 170KB)