Common boundary fences

Permits are not usually required for common boundary fences as long as your boundary fence conforms with the regulations.

The Fences Act 1968 provides that people who share a common boundary should share the cost of building and maintaining appropriate fencing.

Please note: Council does not administer the Fences Act.

Owners usually share the cost of a standard fence, unless one of the parties wants a special fence — such as a higher fence — in which case they pay the extra amount.

This link provides information that may be of assistance to you:

You should discuss the construction of a new boundary fence with your neighbours prior to constructing the fence. If you do not know the contact details for the owner of the neighbouring property, and you wish to serve them with a Fencing Notice under the Fences Act, you can request these details from Council which can disclose the name and address of the owner in these limited circumstances.

Apply online for adjoining owners details in accordance with the Fences Act 1968

Alternatively complete, sign and date the declaration below and submit it to Council.

Request for adjoining owners details in accordance with the Fences Act 1968(PDF, 301KB)

Send completed form to:
Glen Eira City Council
PO Box 42
Caulfield South 3162

Fax: 9523 0339


Deliver to:
Glen Eira City Council — Service Centre
Corner Glen Eira and Hawthorn Roads

Fencing disputes

If you and your neighbour are unable to agree on the cost of your new fence, you can contact the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria. The Centre offers an informal, impartial, accessible, low cost dispute resolution service to all Victorians.

If you have a dispute with your neighbour over the construction of a new fence or the maintenance of an existing fence we suggest that you contact a community legal centre or a solicitor. Any disputes are ultimately resolved via the Magistrates Court process.

For enquiries and advice on boundary fences and disputes, please refer to the State Government’s Department of Justice Dispute Settlement Centre's website.