Bin issues and questions

Your household bins are collected every week or every fortnight.

Make sure you put your bins out for collection the night before, as the collection starts early. Bring your bin in once it has been emptied.


Where do I put my bin?

Put your bins on the nature strip. Make sure they don’t block the footpath, driveway or road.

Overfilled bins or material left on top of or beside bins won’t be collected.

How to place your bins out to be collected

  • Do not overload or overfill your bins (maximum 75kg).
  • Do not place items on top of or beside your bins.
  • Place bins out the night before collection and bring your bins in on the day
    of collection.
  • Do not block roads, driveways or footpaths.
  • Place your bins with the wheels facing away from the kerb.
  • Leave at least an arm’s length (0.5 metres) between bins and other objects.
  • Avoid trees, parked cars and overhead power lines.


The truck missed my bin — what do I do?

Leave your bin out on the nature strip in case the truck is late. Trucks don’t always visit your street at the same time of day.

Then contact us on 9524 3333 or let us know via our online request system.

After you report the missed bin, it will be emptied by the end of the next working day.

I forgot to put my bin out or I put it out too late and missed the truck

It’s your responsibility to put your bin out on time and it’s not practical for the garbage truck to return.

Ensure you put your bin out the night before collection.

My bin has gone missing

We’ll replace missing bins at no charge. Contact us on 9524 3333.

My bin is damaged

We’ll repair or replace your damaged bin. Contact us on 9524 3333 or let us know via our online request system.

My bin has been left in my driveway or on the street after collection

If this happens, please let us know. Bins should be returned to the nature strip after being emptied.

My bin is too big/small. How can I change it?

You can change your bin size. Go to Waste services and pricing.