Relief and recovery

The Victorian Government has launched an Emergency Relief and Recovery Victoria website designed to provide important relief and recovery information after a major emergency, such as a bushfire, flood or storm. 

Financial crisis support

People who experience financial difficulties due to the damage or loss of their property caused by an emergency, such as fire or flood, can access financial crisis support information on the Department of Humans Services (DHS) website or by contacting 1300 650 172.

Download the DHS fact sheets below:

Dealing with financial matters after an emergency(PDF, 298KB)

Emergency re-establishment assistance(PDF, 108KB)

Emergency relief assistance(PDF, 106KB)

Counselling and health advice

People affected by an incident are encouraged to make use of GPs, 24 hour telephone helplines or specialist counselling and support services available. Talking it over with others often helps recovery from exposure to traumatic events.

Australian Red Cross

During an emergency situation, the Australian Red Cross focuses on individuals and works with communities to enable people to be treated with dignity and that their basic human needs are met.

A range of information and resources covering preparing for, responding to and recovering from an emergency is available on the Red Cross website or by contacting 1800 131 701.

Download the Red Cross fact sheets below:

Coping with a major personal crisis(PDF, 219KB)

Talking to children — parents’ guide(PDF, 160KB)

Helping children and young people cope with crisis — information for parents and caregivers(PDF, 2MB)

Looking after yourself and your family after a disaster(PDF, 3MB)