Greenmeadows Gardens

Greenmeadows Gardens playground

Greenmeadows Gardens is a perfect setting for a relaxing break.

The park offers picnic tables, benches and a fantastic playground for the kids to enjoy. The park was once a cow paddock of Greenmeadows House estate until Council purchased the land in 1912. Today, a variety of birds call this park home, so watch and enjoy.

Dog leash information

Northern end of Greenmeadows Gardens is off-leash between 6am to 9am. All other times the park is on-leash.

  • Glen Eira has designated areas (marked with green off-leash signs) in some parks that are off-leash areas.
  • Dogs must be on-leash at all times outside of your home unless within an off-leash area.
  • Dogs must also be under effective voice control at all times and kept on a leash that does not exceed 1.5 metres in length when within 20 metres of barbeques and picnic areas, children's playgrounds, sporting events, sportsground preparation and organised public meetings.




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