Sportsground management

We have the lowest amount of public open space of any Victorian Municipality based on both the proportion of land area in each municipality and hectares per thousand people. This necessitates the careful management of our open space to deal with the already considerable pressures we face.

The allocation of sportsgrounds is undertaken in line with Council’s Community Sport – Management of Grounds Policy. It is through an orderly policy based system of ground allocations that Glen Eira is able to safely sustain both active and passive uses of our open space over the long term.

Community Sport Management of Grounds Policy(PDF, 345KB)

Sportsground availability

Should a permanent vacancy become available on our sportsgrounds, an expression of interest will be called for by inviting applications from any party.

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • The club must be a separate legal entity (eg. incorporated association).
  • The club has certified in writing that it accepts Council’s Conditions of Use.
  • The club has provided evidence of insurance acceptable to Council.
  • The club has provided Council with a financial statement and an annual report from the most recent completed financial year.
  • The club has no debt to Council or the club is complying with a repayment arrangement which has been approved by Council.
  • The club is affiliated with its relevant sporting body.

In addition to the above essential elements of an application, Council will have regard to whether applications:

  • provide opportunities for regular participation for designated underrepresented groups such as junior girls, women and masters,
  • provide opportunities for people of all abilities; and
  • have a strong plan for, or an existing connection to, the community.

Sportsgrounds conditions

Our management protocol ensures the provision of safe sportsgrounds for both active and passive recreation all year round.

We are proactive in our management through the use of specialist staff, external turf consultants and regular testing and assessment of factors contributing to overall ground condition including:

  • usage levels;
  • hardness of surface;
  • soil profile and drainage;
  • grass composition;
  • rainfall;
  • maintenance; and
  • capital improvements.

We continue to regularly monitor sportsground conditions and clubs and associations will be notified as soon as possible if grounds become unsafe for use. We reserve the right to close any ground as a result of poor or unsafe conditions.

Turf wicket guidelines

Council's turf curators are committed to working together with the Victorian Sub-District Cricket Association, Victorian Cricket Association and Mercantile Cricket Association to achieve better practices in covering wickets to ultimately increase wicket use and the quality of the wickets. Download a copy of the Turf wicket guidelines(PDF, 3MB)


Risk management

Regular risk management assessments are important for sports clubs, especially during extreme weather conditions. To help your club assess and manage possible risks, download a copy of the Risk Management Checklist. This should be amended to suit your individual needs.

As part of the Conditions of Use Sportsgrounds and Pavilions, clubs are required to complete a risk assessment both annually and each time the facility is used, these documents are required to be kept and made available to us upon request.

Risk Management Checklist(PDF, 68KB)

Clegg impact hammer testing

The purpose of the clegg impact hammer is to determine the resistance of the turf surface against impact. It has been suggested in studies that a surface registering a high reading can potentially cause impact/ jarring injuries to players.

The results of clegg hammer tests should become part of the risk assessment that each club and school is asked to undertake before using Glen Eira sportsgrounds. The suggested ratings are:

Clegg Impact Hammer reading Suggested rating 
1–3 Soft
4–8 Firm
8–12 Firm/hard
13> Very hard

 A 2.5kg weight is used in the Clegg Impact hammer for testing turf surfaces. The reading displayed on the digital reader is as the table above. These readings are multiplied by a factor of 10 to give the actual gravitational deceleration force of the impact.

Sportsgrounds — Clegg hammer test results 2018(PDF, 75KB)

Sportsgrounds — Clegg hammer test results 2017(PDF, 77KB)

Sportsgrounds — Clegg hammer test results 2016(PDF, 31KB)

Sportsgrounds — Clegg hammer test results 2015(PDF, 36KB)

Sportsgrounds — Clegg hammer test results 2014(PDF, 14KB)

Sportsgrounds — Clegg hammer test results 2013(PDF, 33KB)

Sportsgrounds — Clegg hammer test results 2012(PDF, 18KB)